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The essential element of the kitchen is the work countertop. In our offer apart from a broad range of colour it is the Customer who decides what type of countertop is to be installed. Each type countertop is characterised by different properties, what has the impact on its durability and physical features.


We offer the following countertops described below:





Countertops made of laminates.


 Chipboard covered by laminate imitating the stone or wood. The edges of the countertops can be curvatures (post-forming finished) or finished „sharply” with the PCV boarder. The laminated countertops are resistant to the high temperature (180 °C), easy to clean, resistant to stains (alcohol, oil, acetic acid, lemon acid, fruit juices, tea, coffee, ink). In addition the tops are waterproof thanks to the feature the bottom of the countertop is protected against the potential drip of liquids from the top surface. The tops are of the following widths: 28mm, 38 mm, we can also get other tops widths. After the assembling the countertops connections are visible. The surface can be mat, glossy, smooth or surface quality. Additional features are the low price and rich colour range.


In our offer we have the following countertops: Pfleiderer, Kronopol, Chobot, Laminart



Countertops made of natural stones (granites)

Their advantage is a high resistance to the scratches, abrasion. They are easy to clean, resistant to the chemical substances operation used in the household, to the high temperature. The tops are available in different colours, uniform, granular or mapped. It gives a perfect surface with the use of sinks underslung to the top.



The countertops made of the acrylic conglomerate.

These are the countertops made of material being the mixture of grained composite with the acrylic resins. They have the look close to granite. They can be freely shaped, they allow for the plastic processing, what gives broad arrangement possibilities. Main advantages of the type of counterboards are: easy to clean (easy to remove scratches - renewable), seamless connections (lack of visible connections)
- free shapes, colours, size, colour matching
- resistant to staining liquids, and even aggressive chemical substances
- is non-porous, and thus fully hygienic. We recommend the top to everybody who praises durability, universality and aestheticy.


In our offer we have the following countertops: Corian, Staron, Plexicor, Hanex.



The countertops made of the quartzite conglomerate.

The countertops made of the material are like the ones made of granite. They include the grinned stone fixed by the acrylic resins in the lesser amount than the acrylic conglomerate. This makes the exceptional durability to the scratches, cuttings, high temperature, as well as to the acids as lemon acid or vinegar. This is the guaranty of the perfect look of the surface even after many years of use. The surface finishing is gloss, anticato.

In our offer we have the following countertops: Technistone, Siquartz, Silestone, Diresco, Quarrella.



The countertops made of wood.

This is the material exceptionally noble and still popular. The countertops are made of the stratiform fixed wood and it is its sort (beech, oak, pine, exotic sorts) determines the price of the countertop. The wooden countertop is mostly sticked together, because it protects against the deformation, and the surface is covered with the oil or varnish in order to protect the surface against the moisture. It is natural, warm and nice when touched.

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