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Furniture faces

The look of the kitchen depends mainly on the selected face type and colour. They decide of your kitchen furniture style.



  •  Wooden faces – the face consists of the frame made of the solid wood (alder, birch, oak, ash, beech) and the veneer door panel. The faces are dyed in the selected colour; in addition they can be patinated or manually sawed. Each part of the faces is prepared non-recurrently for the needs of the given kitchen. This gives 100% assurance of individuality. Additional finishing elements can be decorative slats, under-cabinet, pilasters and decorative blendes and masking frames. They ideally fit the following kitchens: rustic, classic, English, Provencal. We offer wooden faces of the firms which can boast of the many-years tradition in the production of the door faces. 


  • Veneer faces– the wooden board is covered by a thin „leaf”, coming from the European or exotic wooden sorts. Some veneers (oak, alder, birch, ash) can be dyed into a free colour of stain. The finish of the face can be: mat or polished into a high gloss. These are the faces most often used in the kitchen of a modern style. They are often combined with the varnished faces in the kitchen furniture.


  • Glass faces - glass glued into the aluminium frame. Circa 30 glass decors are available. The filling can be: glass, mirror or graphic printed onto the glass. This is the guarantee of an ideal surface polish.


  •  Faces made of the varnished MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) – the varnishes used by us are of the highest class polyurethane varnishes from the patterns ICA, RAL, NCS (the colour range is unlimited). They guarantee the highest quality of the surface, resistance to water, temperature and chemical substances. The faces are ideal for the modern furniture. The surface finishing: mat or in the polish. In order to get the higher polish we polish each varnish layer. The MDF can be freely milled and this gives broader possibilities of kitchen arrangement. The following faces become more and more popular – these are the faces with the delicate effect of: pearl or brocade. In the type of faces it is the edge which is often milled, which serves as the face grip in the kitchen furniture. 


  •  Faces made of the MDF PCV board – these are the faces made of the MDF veneered by PCV foil imitating wood or in the colour. It is the most resistant material to the mechanical damages. The foil is sticked to a smooth or milled surface of the face and onto the edges.


  •  Faces made of the laminated board – the faces are made of the chip-board laminated on both sides of the width of 18mm. The edges are covered by a 2 mm PCV boarder or they are finished with an aluminium frame. The material is very resistant to hits, among others, thus it is used for the cabinets bodies. Due to its density the chipboard cannot be milled, what gives the effect of the smooth faces.  The colours range imitates the wood or it is uniform. We offer the chipboards of the following producers: Egger, Kronopol, Pfleiderer.
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