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The most commonly asked questions


What is the price of the furniture?

It is enough to visit our studio with the dimensions of the room. On the basis of the dimensions and the conversation, the Designer will prepare the preliminary design of the furniture in the form of the 3 D visualization. On the basis the costs calculation will be made. The more detailed dimensions are, the more details you will be able to discuss during the conversation, the more detailed the price calculation will be, very close to the final price.


Is there a possibility to have the costs evaluation sent via the Internet?

You can send the furniture design via the e-mail with the detailed description of the materials and the equipment. Only on the basis we can make the costs evaluation via the Internet.

If you do not have a detailed design let us invite you to our furniture studio together with the room dimensions, where after the determination of your needs we prepare a free design, what will allow us then the estimated furniture price evaluation.


How does the contract signing stage look like?

We divide our cooperation with the customer into 3stages:


First stage:

We invite our customer to our furniture studio with the dimensions of the room. We get acquainted with the needs and expectations of the customer. We discuss and determine the composition and the style of the furniture and the room, the materials and colour and the creation standard.
We prepare a free computer design in the form of 3D visualisation and the price evaluation.


Second stage

After you accept the preliminary design and the price evaluation, the Designer takes the measurements in the assembly room. Here we take the fee for the measurements which is treated as a part of the advance payment of your order.
After the determination of the final version of your design: determination of the materials of which the order is to be made, the equipment, selecting the household appliances – we sign the contract.

We also make the design of the electric, hydraulic, and gas installation indispensable for the proper furniture arrangement.

Next we send the design to the production (the realization time 6 – 8 weeks).


Third stage

After the former determination with the Customer of the assembly date, the furniture is transported to the target place and assembled by the professional team. When you buy the household appliances in our studio, the appliances are assembled within the price of the kitchen furniture. After checking the conformity of the service performance with the design we sign the acceptance protocol.


What is the term of the realization?

The design, from the moment of signing the contract, is realised within 6-8 weeks.


Have you got the catalogue?

We produce the furniture shaped and designed only to the size to the room, according to the individual design adjusted to the needs of the Customer, selecting from a huge variety of materials and colours that is why we do not have a catalogue of a ready pieces of furniture.






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