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The internal wardrobes

The machine park and the profile of our specialisation give us the possibility to offer you the internal wardrobes, the wardrobes arrangements and other atypical pieces of furniture … even of your own design. The internal wardrobe is a peculiar piece of furniture in the house, which, as the assumption says, must optimize the arranged space. One of the most important advantages of the wardrobe with the shifted door is its universality as to its destination – it can fulfil the function of the wardrobe for the clothes, for the small household appliances, for the small storage areas and the others. This flows from the possibility of the wardrobe interior creation in compliance with the expectations and needs of the future user. Our wardrobes, due to a broad range of colours, decors, materials, new machine park and many-years’ experience of the employees, are of high quality, aesthecity and functionality. Depending on the space and financial possibilities of the customer we can offer a broad range of solutions optimal for the individual needs of the customer.







Each wardrobe consists of doors, interior (corpus) and equipment in the accessories (drawers, baskets, light, hangers etc.). The wardrobe doors can be lifted, shifted, shifted in one line, and folding. In our offer we have a broad range of materials for the door such as varnishes, glass, veneer, melamine, rattan and the others. The mechanisms used for the doors are the high class systems: aluminium, bearing, of a broad range of colours






Each wardrobe will increase its functionality by the use of the wardrobe equipment systems such as drawers, baskets, systems to store the small household appliances and many others. Apart from the additional equipping in baskets the essential element of the internal wardrobes equipment is their appropriate lighting. The light appropriately selected and used in the appropriate places adds both the aesthetic and practical features. 






 Each correctly made design of the internal wardrobe should be preceded by the thorough conversation of the target destination of the space to be arranged. In our firm we are able, within several minutes, to present you the visualisation in the designing software on the computer. Today you do not have to worry and think how your internal wardrobe is to look like – we are the specialists to suggest you several variants and you are only to choose the best offer for yourself.



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